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Ensemble Triskele started activities in 1997 with an aim to perform religious folk music. Within almost 20 years of co-operation Triskele has released six CD-s interpreting rich heritage of Estonian folk hymns, concentrating especially on less-known hymns from South-Estonia. In addition to folk music, Triskele has regularly performed European medieval music. Also in these programmes the emphasis has been laid on religious songs, the range of which has covered music from ancient Greece up to the 16th century Piae Cantiones collection.

Triskele has united in its programmes different singing styles and a variety of instruments where both Estonian folk instruments (zithers, bowed harp) and early music instruments (lutes, fiddle, rebeck, flutes) are represented. Uniting factor for the members of the ensemble has been keen interest in various religious music traditions, the influences of which can be found in the performing style of the ensemble and its approach to the original sources.

Triskele has performed in many churches all over Estonia and on various folk and church music festivals. The ensemble has given concerts in Czhech Republic, Finland, Germany, Lithuania and Netherlands. In 2002 Triskele represented Estonia in the project Stimmen für Europa that introduced the music of the new countries of the European Union in Austria.

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Ansambel * Triskele * Ensemble