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Triskele has interpreted in its programmes mainly rich heritage of Esonian folk hymns and combined those pieces with early music from Europe.

The emergence of religious folk music is a phenomenon that belongs, to a large extent, to the 18th century. A distinctive chapter in it is the adaptation of Lutheran hymns which we come across mainly in Western Estonia, in the areas where Estonian Swedes lived and nearby. Similar adaptations of hymns can be found in Finland and Sweden. These songs are folk melodies sung to the texts of the Lutheran hymnal, where traces of this or that hymnal tune can be found. Only in rare cases is it possible to recognize the hymn clearly, in most cases it does not match the text, that is, the supposed model tune is not sung to the corresponding text but another text has been used. The religious folk song is a unique phenomenon in Estonian culture, this is one of the points of contact which relates us organically to European cultural traditions.

1. Programme of less-known folk hymns from South Estonia. Duration 1 h 15 min.
Some sample tracks:
  • NĂŒĂŒd olgu ikes igĂ€vest' / Let's now forever and again (Kolga-Jaani parish) demo
  • Üts Ă”ige Ă”nnis mees om see / A just and blessed man is he (OtepÀÀ parish) demo
  • Armas Jeesus, sind ma palun / Jesus, dear, I pray you (Kolga-Jaani parish)  demo
  • Mu looja nink mu elovĂŒrst / My creator and prince of life (OtepÀÀ parish) demo
2. Programme of folk hymns from West Estonia. Duration 1 h 10 min.
Some sample tracks:
  • Mu sĂŒda, Ă€rka ĂŒles / My heart, wake up and sing (Reigi parish) demo
  • Kui Jeesust risti naelati / Our blessed Saviour seven times spoke (Ridala parish) demo
  • Kuis pean vastu vĂ”tma / How would I receive you (Kihnu island) demo
  • Et kiitke Jumalat / Praise God, he is so gracious (Reigi parish) demo
  • KĂ”igis paigus, kus ma seisan / Everywhere I ever stand (Ridala parish) demo
3. Programme of European medieval music. Duration 1 h 10 min.
Some sample tracks:
  • Genitricem Dei demo
  • De moi doloreus demo
4. Programme of Estonian regilaul (old type folk songs). Duration 1 h.
Some sample tracks:
  • Koes, koes lĂ€tsi demo

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